We repair PCs and trouble shoot the things you might have connected to them. Our home services also include setting-up new equipment, broadband installations, wireless networks etc.

The majority of our work is for business, but more and more home users are coming to us (through referrals) because of our excellent customer service and high standard of work.

No job is too small, if it is related to a computer - we do it.

What ever it is you need, be it simply assisting with the installation of a printer, or Broadband connection, or perhaps a more serious problem with your computer, network or server, we are here to help.

In addition to our network services, we can also install all of your data and telephone cables tidily and unobtrusively, maintaining the professional look of your offices. Having a good cable infrastructure is essential, not only will it be more reliable, it will also be quicker when accessing data and the internet, which means improved efficiency - you get more work done in less time. This is now even more important than ever with the emerging VoIP technologies becoming an affordable proposition.

A well thought-out and constructed network also allows for flexibility within the working areas of an office; this means that computers, staff, telephones and printers can be rearranged quickly and easily to suit changing circumstances.

All works are carried out with the utmost sensitivity to the nature of a busy workplace and we plan meticulously to keep possible disruption to an absolute minimum. Larger cable installations are verified with calibrated testing equipment to make sure that your network achieves its maximum efficiency.

In addition, due to our experience in the building service sector, we work efficiently alongside other trades to ensure your complete satisfaction at the finish of installation.
All is not lost!

A particular favorite at the moment is corrupted memory cards used in cameras. No need to panic, as long as the card is useable then most, if not all, of your photos can normally be recovered. In many instances we are also able to recover the data from a damaged hard drive.

New PC? Wondering how you will get all the information off your old PC on to your new one? This is much easier than you think and is something that we do a lot of. Of course, if the new PC is bought from us then we do this as a standard service. If you are happy with the way you have set-up your PC and the way it looks or have long lost programs installed, then we can often move the entire Operating System across to a new PC and you can carry on working in exactly the same way as you did with your old PC - only faster!

However, nothing beats a good reliable back-up system that can avert the headache of losing that vital information. Whether at business or at home, we can advise and implement suitable back-up strategies tailored to your requirements.
Humans are great at seeing patterns and changes in them but we cannot monitor hundreds of systems 24/7 by ourselves, different automated methods need to be used to raise alarms and produce historical reporting. Humans can happily view the results, see patterns and identify problem areas more easily.

For a detailed server, client, network, web site monitoring solution we recommend Paessler's "PRTG Network Monitor" for a full package of remote monitoring features. Allowing detailed reporting and alerting on failures, details of this product go beyond this short description.
Please visit WWW.Paessler.Com/PRTG for further details.

Case Scenario. "Company A" had problems with a server based database application responding slowly and "timing out". After installing PRTG Network Monitor they were able to monitor the server in greater detail and build a basline for the current performance. Using seperate performance monitoring tools wasn't giving them the information required and guidance on what they needed to focus on was limited.

Recognising that the issues were caused by memory assignments and the database software they were able to improve performance. Because "Company A" are a small business with limited resources, once the 30 day trial expired they continued to use the free version limited to 10 sensors focussing on the areas of the server they had highlighted before.
  • Hardware failure
  • Spyware
  • Virus infection
  • Internet connection problems
  • Software problems
  • Broadband and wireless setup
  • Upgrades
  • Installations
  • Slow PCs
  • Upgrades
  • Server problems
  • Network problems
  • Remote access

The list goes on...