We are NOT a high street or superstore.

This is one of our biggest advantages; from individual components for a home PC to multiple and complete system and server builds for an expanding company, all of our hardware solutions are tailor-made to fit your circumstances.

Having had the experience of supporting so many computers we understand that cheap high street PC are a false economy - they are cheap for a reason and that reason is the quality of the parts used to make them. That is why all our computers use high quality components to ensure a long and useful working life.

As we deal with so many different customers with a broad range of disciplines, we get to see what works well and where, we also get to see what doesn't work. This gives us the advantage of having a working knowledge of many types of hardware and puts us in a position to advise you better when it comes to making a purchasing decision.

We deal with all major component manufacturers and supply companies and for those specialist requirements, some not so major.

Our dedicated staff managed to keep a customer going by scouring the Country for an elusive server component when their server developed a fault, buying what was probably the last two of these components left for sale in the country. We don't like to be beaten!

From supplying printers so big they needed a fork truck to move them, to the tiniest of screws to keep a laptop alive, we supply it all.

The chances are, if you are looking for a component or system that you cannot find anywhere else, we can source it. If you can get it elsewhere, ask us before buying, we may be able to save you money or provide an alternative, often cheaper, solution.